It combines German high tech engineering with outstanding quality and reliability.

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The Military CYPRES line of AADs (Automatic Activation Devices), combine reference quality, reliability and core technology on an advanced hardware platform.

Adapted to all military operational requirements and tactical applications, was well as training scenarios.

Military CYPRES is suitable for HAHO, HALO and all EXPERT and Tandem applications featuring:

  • Multiple event activation
  • At trainingmode the military CYPRES-2 works the same way as the sport model
  • The operationalmode is for tactical applications without the limitations of the „training“ mode
  • Any drop zone or activation altitude can be programmed while on the ground or inflight
  • Simple adjustment method
  • Always armed, no flight restrictions, set anywhere / anytime prior to jump
  • Made in Germany
  • Water-resistant: fresh or salt-water (up to 15 minutes in 5 m or much longer in shallower water)
  • Maintenance-free power supply

Battery replacement every 4 years.


Available units:

Available activation altitudes: 1.000 ft.
1.500 ft.
1.900 ft.
2.500 ft.
Activation speed: 35 m/s
Weight: 0,21 kg
Operation temperatures: + 63° C; – 32° C
Operation range: – 1.600 ft. / + 65.500 ft.
Maintenance cycle: 4 / 8 years from DOM
Total life time: 12,5 years from DOM



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