Today’s requirement regarding equipment for use during vertical operation and the following ground mission becomes more and more important. This is the reason for us to offer a ballistic helmet option, “Made in Germany”.

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The AMP -1 E high cut helmet offers you the maximum modularity with acceptable weight and ballistic protection.

Test Data:

Backface testing according to:

  • HPW – TP0401-018 Sec. 9
  • NIJ-STD-0106.01 IIIA,
  • NIJ-STD-0108.01 (Chesapeake)
  • STANAG 2920, 17 grain fragment: V50= 680 m/s – 2230 fps

Advanced STANAG with autoclave accelerated aging V50 = 653 m/s – 2144 fps

Shock absorbing according to DIN EN 397

Blunt Impact testing according to AR-PD-10-US (@ 10fps less than 150 g)


Material: Kevlar Fiber
Weight: 1410 gr include rail system
Coating: 2K-Paint
Color: Black, olive green, midnight blue
Size: Unisize 52-63 cm
Shock Absorption: CPP-1, E+ pad system



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