Oxygen filling station mountable to any truck being able to load a “Standard 10ft. Container”.

The Oxygen filling station is totally independent from any external power supply and equipped with electrical generator, driven by HATZ-diesel for filling up parachute/aircraft oxygen systems.

General features:

  • Filling hoses 30 m length
  • Stainless steal hose real
  • Cable remote control for motor pump
  • Oxygen supply panel
  • Oxygen booster pump DOB 200
  • Diesel for operating Electrical Generator
  • Independent power supply unit for booster pump, air-condition and fire protection systems, alarm systems
  • 18 O2-cylinders for storage of 50 l/300 bar oxygen
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The container is equipped with Safety Installations for:

  • Safety indication for O2
  • Safety indication for diesel
  • Safety indication for oxygen supply
  • Water sprinkler system for Fire protection
  • 2 racks of 8 pressure oxygen cylinders each, installed with shock frame

Oxygen volume available when filled with 200 bar 180.000 Liters. Oxygen Container currently delivered on IVECO-Truck (Tector), diesel engine with common rain injection and after cooler. Emission control in acc. with EURO 2 Norm.



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