The Kit K9 is specially made for units who would also have the dogs in tactical parachute missions.

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This harness enables you to jump with dog in single or Tandem configuration. Additionally you can combine it with the kit personal cargo SG7/100.

The K9 harness allows you to have the doge left or right faced. The two layer technology protects the dog in the three critical phases: exit, parachute opening and landing phase.

The inner tube protects the dog from all danger situations during the parachute jump. The harness what is attached to the jumper holds the tube safely and allows interaction dog and operator. After landing the quick release system enables you to free the dog within ten seconds.

  1. Support harness with tray
  2. Stabilizer straps with adjustable QFE
  3. Connector piece with release handle
  4. Connector piece
  5. Cobra closing buckle
  6. Opening aid
  7. Retainer for extended SG7 release handle
  8. Molle patch
  9. Weapon attachment straps
  10. Animal flight pod
  11. Flight pod expansion zipps
  12. Quick release operation handle

The kit K9 includes:

  • Bag for kit K9
  • Dog flight pod (inner layer)
  • K9 harness (outer layer)
  • Dog muzzle


K9 Harness L/W: 78 cm/ 78 cm
L9 Flight Pod L7W/H: 78 cm/28cm/22 cm
Weight: 6,6 kg

Please verify the dog size for different flight pods.



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