The SOLO II™ is an extremely accurate audible altimeter. Through years of research, L&B has built an audible altimeter that is extremely reliable and accurate.

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Developed with all skydiving disciplines in mind, the SOLO II™, when combined with the ALTITRACK™ visual altimeter and data recorder makes a perfect combination for all of your altitude awareness needs.


Features SOLO II™:

  • Durable rubberized coating
  • Upgraded circuit board & sensor
  • Super-thin, comfortable, curved design
  • 3 selectable warning altitudes:
  • 1st/2nd different pulsating tones,
  • 3rd warning, high pitched siren
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings
  • Altitude selection interval: 500 Ft.
  • On/off mode
  • Dimensions: (length/width/height): 5,6/4,1/1,1 cm



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