The CCT Basic Set is designed for a quick set up of drop zones, runways or helipads.

The 16 multicolor Airstrip Lighting, 2 Repeater, 2 Remote Controls and 4 white Approach Light Heads (250 CD brightness) gives you the opportunity to built up anywhere a mobile landing area.

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The CCT Basic Set fulfills a wide range of tasks to built up landing zones. This set can be used for marking of drop zones, helicopter landing areas and standard fixed wing airstrips.

The multi flexible unidirectional lights can be switched between blinking and steady light. The remote control can operate with 12 different groups to allow you the use of combined functions include of access to the weather station.

When bright approach lights are needed, simple change the standard lamp head with the white 250 cd lamp head.

Fixed on the ground with tent pigs allow also the use when aircraft are taxi from or to the runway and saves against prop wash.


Transport dimensions: L: 450 mm, dia. 110 mm
Weight: 1000g
Temperature range: – 40˚C to + 60˚C
Standard colors Red, green, blue (10cd) infrared
Additional: Approach light head with 250 cd
Range of remote controls: 1.500 m
Internal power supply: 10×10 min within 72 hours



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