CYPRES 2 Static Line System (SLS)

It combines German high tech engineering with outstanding quality and reliability.

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The Military CYPRES line of AADs (Automatic Activation Devices), combine reference quality, reliability and core technology on an advanced hardware platform.

The CYPRES 2 Static Line System (SLS) is designed to initiate the reserve parachute activation at a low level. If the main parachute does not slow down the jumper to a vertical speed of less then 13 meters per second.

The visible control unit only shows two LED lights, white and red. After arming through the Aircraft Module, the CYPRES 2 Static Line System (SLS) is ready when the LED blinks white.

The CYPRES 2 Static Line System (SLS) is a combination of:

  • CYPRES 2 SLS Aircraft Module
  • CYPRES 2 SLS Self-test Module
  • Multiple CYPRES 2 SLS Units

Further advantages:

  • Made in Germany
  • Maintenance-free power supply
  • Waterproof: fresh or salt-water (up to 15 minutes in 5 m or much longer in shallower water)


Activation altitude: approx. 500 ft. to 600 ft. below jump aircraft
Activation speed: 13 m/s
Weight Cypres unit: 0,17 kg
Operation temperatures: + 63° C; – 32° C
Operation range: – 2.100 ft. / + 65.500 ft.
Maintenance cycle: 4 / 8 years from DOM
Guaranteed life time: 12,5 years from DOM



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