Protecting the operator in the harsh environment found at high altitudes.

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This suit is designed for the extreme environmental temperatures during HAHO/HALO missions. The suit is worn over your normal BDU.

The suit is constructed for jumps in temperatures of – 60 ° C and altitudes up to 35.000 ft.

The outside fabric of the jumpsuit is water- and windproof, has a breathable membrane and is resistant against abrasion to protect the user
during landings in harsh environments.

The inside insulation with its 3-layer coating provides vapor permeability and also moisture wicking.


Material: Sympatex outside shell
Design: Double zipper closure system,
1 arm pocket with zipper closure,
2 leg pockets with velcro closure,
2 side entries,
1 front entry,
cable slot for headset cable,
velcro tightening for arm/leg cuffs
Fabric: 4-layer composition 510 g/mÇ
Shell: Sympatex blend, 200 g/mÇ, 100% PES, 100% PA
Micro-Thermo membrane, windproof, breathable
Inside liner: Single jersey 100% Polyester, moisture wicking
Size: S/M/L/XL



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