The SG7/100 cargo system is a highly flexible harness solution, optimized for Freefall and suitable to take most shapes and sizes of personal cargo.

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The kit personal cargo includes:

  • Large kitbag (with two handles for easy identification)
  • Cargo harness SG7/100
  • Lowering device with V-connectors, friction plate with centre strap and lowering line
  • Rucksack (as option if requested)

The SG7/100 harness, featuring a special surround strap technology, guarantees a tight fit to the jumper’s body for a stable freefall. Quick access after landing is achieved by a special central locking mechanism, to be instantly opened, pulling 2 easily accessible tabs.


Pack tray length overall: 98 cm
Pack tray width overall: 72 cm
Vertical retainer straps, length overall: 20 cm
Lateral retainer straps, length overall: 10 cm
Stabilizer straps, length overall: 60 cm
Lowering line, length overall: 600 cm
Weight of cargo harness SG7/100: 5,8 kg
Maximum payload: 115 kg
Maximum deployment speed: 210 KIAS
Operation temperatures: + 70 °C; – 55 °C



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