This manual booster pump is a great opportunity for independent field support.

The Oxygen Booster DOB-HT is operated manually. The actual transferring is carried out by physical strength. The oxygen from the storage cylinders isfilled with an adjustable lever with foamed material handholds into the cylinder to be filled.

First it will be started like normal pressure overflow from a supply cylinder. When the pressure from the supply cylinder is to low then it could besupported by the hand pump to reach the 200 bar. Connecting hoses are not required. The ascent supply cylinder (pre-breathing) and the descent supply cylinders of OXYJUMP can be directly connected with these oxygen pump.

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Dimensions (L/W/H): 62,5/42/27 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Nominal pressure: 200 bar
Max. operating pressure: 220 bar

Dry run double plunger compressor.



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