Military Bundle (100 kg) / Tandem Training
– Course Part 4 –

This next level of military freefall training instructs the candidates how to perform skydives while carrying a passenger or up to 100 kg cargo.

It is required that only after a phase of gaining experience with the system and normal bundle jumps this additional advanced course should be considered.

Minimum requirements for any candidate are 200 ram air jumps for heavy cargo training only, or 500 ram air jumps for combined heavy cargo and tandem training.

A minimum of 50 jumps (10 jumps with personal bundle) thereof within the previous 6 months and a total of 5 hours freefall time is required.

The training includes:

  • Familiarization and training for heavy cargo bundle jumps with drogue, roller unit SRU300 and up to 100 kg total load.
  • Familiarization and training for tandem jumps.

Duration of training:

3 weeks (6 days a week)

Number of trainees:


Equipment requirements:

  • Per student 1 parachute system with Tandem performance (TW9 402 or TW9 340) with all respective sub-systems.
  • 2 combat parachute systems more than total number of trainees
  • Extension for Military Bundle and Tandem Training
  • Per Student 1 Kit Heavy Cargo and 1 Kit Passenger