The kit hand deploy is the standard delivered option installed on each parachute system.

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The kit hand deploy includes:

  • Kitbag with yellow identification flag
  • Hand deploy with pilot chute, bridle and Lolon 2 flex pin.

It is a easy to install manual deployment system to be used with basic freefall training and missions where only light equipment is needed.


Pilot chute size (diameter): 81,00 cm
Bridle line length over all: 21,65 cm
Closing pin length over all: 15,00 cm
Weight pilot chute canopy: 0,3 kg
Weight bridle line: 0,4 kg
Maximum deployment weight: 180 kg
Minimum deployment weight: 66 kg
Maximum deployment speed: 210 KIAS
Minimum deployment speed: 60 KIAS
Maximum deployment altitude: FL 350
Minimum activation altitude: 4.000 ft. AGL
Operation temperatures: + 70° C; – 55° C



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