The Jump training weight TSG 25 is designed to train the operator for cargo jumps with real equipment. The shape is mutable usable, but the design is based on and for the SG7/100 cargo harness.

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Till now sand filled canisters or rucksacks stuffed with weight, are the training weights in use. The idea behind the TSG 25 is to be able to reduce the damages or the destroying on combat equipment, while hard landings
(specially for beginners) or from cutaways during the training scenario.

The Jump training weight TSG 25 is made from SBR-recycling-granules. The granules material the TSG is nearly indestructible and cheap in spare purchasing. The weight of the TSG can be customized up to 35 kg.

A identification tab is inserted to the training weight.

Corner cut outs reducing the weight on the knees and make it more comfortable for the operator while sitting in the aircraft prior to jump.


Weight: 25 kg – 35 kg
Available colors: black, green, red
Width: 39 cm
Height: 30 cm – 40 cm
Length: 30 cm



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