The RZ-21 resembles our latest innovation. It’s a steerable hybrid round troop parachute system. It is manufactured with the utmost focus on workmanship and to the tightest tolerances using our proprietary 3D design environment.

The RZ 21 design is based on a open platform philosophy where most standard harnesses and deployments bags of other makes can be easily used.

The harness construction is that of a split harness and both, harness and container reflect nearly 30 years of experience and successful products in the field building parachute harness / container systems.

The RZ 21 features a compact design and a highly innovative closure system, both intriguing to the user as well as the packer.

For further ancillary equipment, please refer to Chapter II.

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Surface area: 87 sqm/ 942 sqft
Nr. of gores: 30
Nominal diameter: 7,6 m / 25 ft
Maximum suspended weight: 185 kg / 407 lbs
Maximum deployment speed: 130 kts*
Minimum deployment speed: 25 kts
Horizontal Speed: 4,3 m/s (14,3 ft/s)
Vertical Speed: 4,4 m/s  (14,7 ft/s)
Operation temperatures: + 70° C; – 55° C
Dimensions (L/W/H): 50/30/12 cm
Weight: 13,5 kg / 30 lbs



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