The OXYJUMP supply system is a personal/individual console system what gives you a maximum on flexibility for planning mission. The personal console technology allows you to use any kind of aircraft without a long time of preparation.

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OXYJUMP is a portable diluter demand oxygen system for HAHO and HALO missions based on 200 bar (3,000 psi) technology that provides extended oxygen duration compared to other systems while using the same cylinder volume but are working only in the in 127 bar (1,850 psi) systems pressure range.

OXYJUMP could operate either in 200 bar mode or 127 bar mode, depending on the pressure of the oxygen supply source.

A dedicated ascent cylinder is optional and upon request available. This ascent cylinder consists of a pressure reducer with pressure gauge and an oxygen supply cylinder (2 L or 4 L) so that the systems can also used on small aircrafts without an oxygen console).

OXYJUMP provides pure oxygen (100 % mode) on demand (during the pre-breathing period) and at altitudes above 25.000 ft. During descent (below 25.000 ft.) the system uses ambient air enriched with sufficient oxygen from an oxygen supply source (air mix mode).


Max. operational altitude: 33.000 ft.
Max. decompression altitude: 40.000 ft.
Oxygen concentration: 21% to 100%
Operational temperature: 40°C to +70°C
Max. temp. limited time (descent): 54°C
Storage temperature: 55°C to +85°C
Weight: 11 kg
Ascent cylinder volume:
(approx. 30-45 min) 2 L
Descent cylinder volume:
(HALO Operations) 1 L
(HAHO Operations) 2 L
Cylinder pressure: 200 bar
Useable Oxygen quantity:
(1L-cylinder): 195 L
(2L-cylinder) 390 L
(4L-cylinder) 780 L



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