Our navigation console utilizing the X-Shut SPIDER technology is a modular carrier system for instruments and equipment of any type. X-Shut allows a safe, simple and quick on/off of the instruments to the equipment. The flexibility gives every operator the opportunity to arrange his personal set up of the instruments.

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The navigation console includes:

  • 1 Storage box
  • 1 Heavy carrier plate
  • 3 X-Shut SPIDER
  • 3 X-Shut fastening system
  • Compass with bracket
  • Bracket for GPS
  • Bracket for Altimeter
  • 1 tool box

The bracket for GPS and Altimeter can be custom made for your existing hardware.

Using the navigation console for tactical HAHO/HALO missions opens up a maximum on flexibility. In addition to the classic instruments such as altimeter, compass and GPS, this system also allows for fastening of equipment such as, oxygen flow devices, lights, transponder, radio, weapons and others. A swap between training set-up and operation set-up is easy. For instance, instruments that are exclusively used for training jumps can now be taken off with a one hand action.


Dimensions (L/W/H): 40/30/20 cm
Weight: 3 kg



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