This training helmet gives you the opportunity for all kinds of modularity known from the ballistic helmet. Made out of plastic but in similar shape to ballistic helmet.

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This helmet offers NO ballistic protection and is only for training!!!

The helmet FAST PJ is made of robust ABS plastic and is equipped with Velcro padding on the inside, chin and neck band can be adjusted perfectly.

The helmet is fixed by a fully adjustable 4-point belt system.

The circumference of the headband can be infinitely adjusted by a central adjusting wheel at the rear. This headband has a sweatband at the front and at the back.


  • Velcro surfaces for ID patches,
  • side rail rails,
  • slide-on rail accessories (Picatinny rail, NVG mount),
  • mount for night vision goggles,
  • universal fastening, adjusted to fixing on each type of helmets for land army.


 Color: Black, olive, multicam, coyote, digital desert
Material: ABS Plastic



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