The kit heavy cargo is especially made for fragile goods that go beyond the limits of the SG7/100 harness. Additionally the kit includes some helpful equipment like cargo box, SRU300 and heavy cargo drogue.

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The kit heavy cargo includes:

  • Heavy cargo box iM2975
  • Heavy cargo drogue
  • Heavy cargo harness SLG100
  • Lowering device with V-connectors, friction plate with center strap and lowering line
  • SRU300 trolley

The kit heavy cargo comes with a special made heavy cargo drogue. In dimension and weights his drogue is similar to the drogue of kit drogue.

Only the construction of the drogue canopy is different. The kill-line in the upper part is double and a part of the top surface around the cushion is made with parapack. This allows a “normal” freefall speed with full suspended exit weight of the parachute. The drogue of kit drogue is useable too but with higher weight the freefall speed exceeds significant.

The SRU300 roller device is a special tool to help parachutists to an easier exit. The construction of the SRU300 is flexible and gives you the opportunity to use any tailgate aircraft without conveyors.


Size iM2975 (L/W/H): 79,5/51,8/39,4 cm
Weight iM2975: 2,5 kg
Weight SLG100: 4,5 kg
SizeSRU300 (L/W/H): 65/37,5/6,25 cm
Weight SRU300 C-130/C-160: 9 kg/11 kg
Maximum deployment speed: 210 KIAS
Minimum deployment speed: 60 KIAS
Maximum deployment weight 264 kg
Maximum deployment altitude: FL 350
Minimum activation altitude: 5.000 ft. AGL
Operation temperatures: + 70° C; – 55° C

Drogue chute dimensions and weight, please refer to chapter II Kit Drogue



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