The SNAKE cockpit is a small option for a navigation board in case you need not to have the complexity and flexibility the x-shut spider system offers.

The SNAKE cockpit uses the connector technology from the x-shut spider for attaching the board to the operator. The SNAKE board comes with integrated basic compass, customized GPS rail system and with the setup for a digital Altimeter like ARES. On top you will find a GoPro camera attachment point.

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The console includes:

  • 1 Storage box
  • Console with snake connection
  • Integrated compass
  • Customized rails system for GPS
  • Digital Altimeter setup
  • GoPro mounting point
  • Tool box

Using the SNAKE cockpit for tactical HAHO/HALO missions as a training tool opens up a maximum on flexibility.

The most important advantage is again the same as the x-shut spider offers. You can gear up completely without interfering with your instruments. After you geared up you simple lock in the SNAKE cockpit.


Dimensions (L/W/H): 22/17/3cm
Weight: 2 kg



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