The Military ELEMET resembles the interpretation of a modern military student canopy to meet the demands of today’s advanced student training programs and reflects the look and feel of it’s larger mission siblings, the TW9s.

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The main canopy has a tapered planform. The parachute features a hybrid construction utilizing a zero porosity top panels and 1.1 oz. 0-3 cfm rip stop on bottom panels.

Reserve canopy is a square construction made from uncoated 1.1 oz. 0-3 cfm rip stop.

  • Fully adjustable harness
  • Large Gear Bag
  • Drag mat for the harness

The System comes standard with

  • BOC Student Ripcord setup
  • Spring Pilot chute w/ bridle
  • Throw out pilot chute w/ bridle
  • Drag Mat
  • Large Gear Bag

Other deployment modes and smaller sizes (220 /240 sqft) are available on request.



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