Based on a modular concept. The TW9 340 Mk2 is truly more than just a parachute; it is a complete weapon system, with all sub systems generously integrated. Tested and certified up to a maximum suspended weight of 225 kg and a maximum deployment speed of 210 KIAS this modular concept is the most efficient Spec Ops system covering today’s mission profiles.

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The main canopy has a tapered planform. The parachute features a hybrid construction utilizing a zero porosity top panels and 1.1 oz. 0-3 cfm rip stop on bottom panels.

The reserve canopy identical but made entirely from uncoated 1.1 oz. 0-3 cfm rip stop fabric.

The harness is set up for 4 different jump modes, throw out pilot chute (hand deploy), drogue chute manual, static line drogue chute and static line with direct bag.

  • Fully adjustable harness
  • Main risers, front and rear trimmable
  • Vectran Suspension lines
  • Drag mat for the harness
  • Large Gear Bag

The TW9 340 Mk2will be delivered in standard option includes Kit Hand Deploy;

For further deployment options and ancillary equipment, please refer to Chapter II.


Canopy size: 340 sqft
Aspect ratio: 2,85
Nr. of cells: 9
Minimum suspended weight: 66 kg
Maximum suspended weight: 225 kg
Maximum deployment speed: 210 KIAS
Minimum deployment speed: 60 KIAS
Maximum deployment altitude: FL 330
Horizontal Speed: 0,5 – 15 m/s
Vertical Speed: 1 – 4,5 m/s
Landing Speed: 0 m/s – 1 m/s
Glide Ratio: 3,74 to 4,5
Operation temperatures: + 70° C; – 55° C
Dimensions (L/W/H): 62/43/24 cm
Weight: 19,4 kg



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