The mobile weather station gives you the opportunity of an on field weather forecast.

It is useable for operating a mobile airstrip or a drop zones to make sure that you will be within your weather limits.

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The mobile weather station data is processed by a special software installed on a tough pad.

This allows you the view the actual given weather conditions but also to have a look on the past conditions. This time period can be programmed easy up to your requirements.

Available Weather Information:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity (10°C, 35°C)
  • Pressure
  • Wind direction
  • Start speed
  • Wind speed
  • Start speed

The remote control coming with the CCT Basic Set allows you to switch on or off the weather station when you use the WLAN option. This gives you the opportunity to get weather data from a certain point in your landing area.

Operating with cable is also possible but in this case your tough pad must be close to the weather sensor.



Dimension: L: 700 mm up to 2.000 mm
Weight: 2.500g


Weather Sensor

Dimension: L: 235 mm, diameter 80mm
Weight: Approx.. 400g
Data transfer: Cable or WLAN


Toughpad Panasonic FZ-G1

Dimension L/W/H: 270 mm/190mm/20mm
Weight: 1300g



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