K9 Parachute Training

This course is designed for units with specialized dog leader (K9 unit).

The qualification aim of the training is to qualify the trainees to perform military jumps together with their dogs. The course is a mix between standard cargo jumps (with personal cargo) and heavy cargo/passenger jumps.  Due to the fact that dogs being animals having there own idea on this (against there nature) special procedure, dog and trainee should having experience working together.

We offer two different ways for the training; either jumps with real dogs or jumps with dummy dogs.

The dog leader must have proficient in basic freefall techniques (German Army standard/ part 1) and should have about 150 freefall jumps using ram air parachutes (40 thereof within the previous 6 months), 15 thereof with personal cargo.

Trainees need to demonstrate an acceptable level of freefall skills during the first days of the training.

The training includes:

  • Classroom instruction (1 day):
    • Preparation for Kit K9 (harness, dog muzzle)
    • Aircraft, exit, freefall and landing procedure
    • Emergency training
  • XXXX
    • Jump training with different deployment mode
    • Jump training HAHO/HALO
    • Jump training low-level jumps
  • Post processing (1 day)

Duration of entire training:

2 weeks (5 days a week)

Number of trainees:


Equipment requirements:

  • Per student 1 parachute system with Tandem performance (TW9 402 or TW9 340) with all respective sub-system include Kit K9 and weapon.
  • 2 systems more than total number of trainees
  • Per student 1 dog or one dog dummy (dog dummy could be provided by ATASS).