The kit direct bag is a typical training option or used for low level, low speed mission scenarios.

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The kit direct bag includes:

  • Kit bag with silver identification flag
  • Deployment bag
  • Static line with hook, (custom length)

The static line serves as the main activation device to open the main container, generate line stretch and initiate the canopy opening.

It is certified to a deployment speed of max 80 KIAS.


Static line with hook length: tbd
Weight deployment bag: 0,7 kg
Weight static line with hook: 1,0 kg
Maximum deployment weight: up to 264 kg
Minimum deployment weight: 76 kg
Maximum deployment speed: 80 KIAS
Minimum deployment speed: 60 KIAS
 Maximum deployment altitude: 13.200 ft. MSL
Minimum activation altitude: 4.000 ft. AGL



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