Tactical Course for Team Leaders
– Course Part 3 –

This course is designed to enable graduates from the HAHO/HALO training to act as Team Leaders for the respective type of missions.

It can be conducted after a HAHO/HALO training course, though a phase of gaining experience before continuing is recommended here as well.

The training includes:

  • Assessment of the experience level/qualifications/prerequisites of the trainees.
  • Familiarization with the planning and briefing necessities of HAHO/HALO missions.
  • Practice jumps as leader of a team of 3-5 parachutists.

Duration of training:

3 weeks (6 days a week)

Number of trainees:


Equipment requirements:

Parachute and oxygen system equivalent to German Army equipment per student:

  • 1 parachute and 1 oxygen system with all respective sub-systems.
  • 2 combat parachute systems more than total number of trainees as back-up.
  • Oxygen fill station (e. g. DOB-200 or DOB-T) and ground equipment on location.
  • Bundles/weight bag equipment available.